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Why do we hide our System of Morality behind a Veil of Allegory?

The action of veiling the teachings of Freemasonry behind a veil of Allegory has various reasons. Very powerful ones. Why is morality, as described in the teachings of our Order, veiled in allegory? If we think of the great teachers that have made a difference in history, many of them expressed themselves through the effective teaching tool of allegory. One of the most efficient ways in which people can acquire knowledge is by learning new things while comparing them to already known ones. When we learn to speak, we learn a few first words and continue increasing our vocabulary by adding more words and learning how those words relate to the ones previously learned. Similarly, when learning the science of...

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Happy Equinoxium = Equality of Night

Vernal Equinox: Spring's Equality of Night The Winding Stairs: Astronomy Step Vernal Equinox is the day when the light of day and dark of night last approximately 12 hours each. Bringing an equality of light and dark to our day. Today is March 20th, 2013 A.D. 6013 A.L. and it marks the Vernal Equinox. In our effort to increase our knowledge of Astronomy, as suggested through the Winding Stairs lecture, we observe today’s celestial occurrence of the equality of night and day. In the Northern Hemisphere we know this day by its popular title of Vernal Equinox, which means Spring’s Equality of Night (Autumn Equinox for our friends Down Under). is a great source for finding information about many...

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TWS 003 : A Solid Foundation: What makes a man a good fit to become a Mason?

The Winding Stairs Podcast: Episode 3 What makes a man a good fit to become a Mason? In the construction of a building, the stability and suitability of the foundation is crucial in its longevity; Similarly, the moral, social and spiritual upbringing of a man can be described as his foundation and what makes him suitable to become and remain a Freemason. Details from the painting titled "Strong Foundation". Original oil painting on canvas by artist Juan 'ONE' Sepulveda. Masonic Education Revisited In episode 2 of The Winding Stairs ( we discuss various ways in which a man can acquire Masonic Light. Among them we discuss the continuous study of Masonic Literature, which today has become more accessible than ever,...

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How solid is your foundation?

Although a beautiful sight to behold, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is not only an architectural failure, but it has been an engineering burden for many generations. Freemasonry is rich with allegories that originate from the Operative Mason Guilds of antiquity. It effectively illustrates how the development of our Life can be compared to the erection of a building. The successful construction of a beautiful Temple is comprised of many components and the masterful coordination of those who labor in its construction. The Master Builder, who oversees the higher levels of the project, has a vision, which evolves from his original conceptual drawings, to the final designs communicated on his Trestle Board. The evolution of that design, the artful collaboration...

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