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TWS 005 : Where is your Courage?

The Winding Stairs Episode 5 Where is your Courage? Not everything in life comes easy to us. There are many things that are difficult and sometimes downright intimidating. When we face these things which intimidate us, our default reaction might be to avoid them and engage in other things. Although this might be a natural reaction or an instinctual response, it does not always serve its intended purpose. If we think about human evolution, we can understand that the spirit of self-preservation would have moved primitive humans to avoid overly dangerous or challenging situations. However, in today's world we retain that instinctive inclination to find the path of least resistance, even when that path would lead away from reaching our...

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TWS 004 : Veiled in Allegory

The Winding Stairs Episode 4: Veiled in Allegory The action of veiling the teachings of Freemasonry behind a veil of Allegory has various reasons. Very powerful ones. Freemasonry is described elegantly as a Science of Morality, Veiled in Allegory and Illustrated by Symbols. If there is nothing sinister in a science of morality, then why should it be veiled? On this episode we explore the reasons behind the allegorical teaching method and how well it works with the human mind. We introduce two new segments to our program: Masonic History Masonic Conspiracies by Bro:. Robert Johnson from Whence Came You? Podcast. Masonic History Masonic Apron Protects County Documents During the civil war, In Brunswick County Virginia, an act of benevolence,...

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Why do we hide our System of Morality behind a Veil of Allegory?

The action of veiling the teachings of Freemasonry behind a veil of Allegory has various reasons. Very powerful ones. Why is morality, as described in the teachings of our Order, veiled in allegory? If we think of the great teachers that have made a difference in history, many of them expressed themselves through the effective teaching tool of allegory. One of the most efficient ways in which people can acquire knowledge is by learning new things while comparing them to already known ones. When we learn to speak, we learn a few first words and continue increasing our vocabulary by adding more words and learning how those words relate to the ones previously learned. Similarly, when learning the science of...

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Happy Equinoxium = Equality of Night

Vernal Equinox: Spring's Equality of Night The Winding Stairs: Astronomy Step Vernal Equinox is the day when the light of day and dark of night last approximately 12 hours each. Bringing an equality of light and dark to our day. Today is March 20th, 2013 A.D. 6013 A.L. and it marks the Vernal Equinox. In our effort to increase our knowledge of Astronomy, as suggested through the Winding Stairs lecture, we observe today’s celestial occurrence of the equality of night and day. In the Northern Hemisphere we know this day by its popular title of Vernal Equinox, which means Spring’s Equality of Night (Autumn Equinox for our friends Down Under). is a great source for finding information about many...

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The Journal of the Masonic Society, Issue 17 features artwork by Bro:. Juan One Sepulveda

This original ink drawing on parchment is featured on the cover of The Journal of The Masonic Society Issue No. 17. The drawing features symbols pertaining to the Master Mason Degree. The Masonic Society, the fastest growing research society in Freemasonry, is one which supports excellence in Masonic Research. The Masonic Society has a quarterly journal, which features articles by leading Masons in the field of Historical Research, Symbolism and the Legacy left by these Masonic Scholars for posterity. I am delighted that my artwork titled Raising Light is featured in the cover of issue 17 of the Journal. If you would like more information about joining the Masonic Society visit: If you enjoyed the artwork featured on the...

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