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Purposefully Virtuous Man: Patience

One step up the stairs of self-improvement is to be aware of virtues which we can develop further in ourselves. Is patience a virtue? Perhaps it isn't, but it is the result of a collection of successfully exercised virtues. To fully explain this, I think it is prudent to go to the source; To the definition of the word and its origin. Merriam-Webster defines PATIENT as follows*: bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint manifesting forbearance under provocation or strain not hasty or impetuous steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity The first definition alludes to the virtue of Fortitude. That strength of character that allows a man to persevere in spite of the obstacles or discomfort of his endeavor....

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Focus on Living

We live in a world of deadlines and hard lines. Of minutes and seconds. Let's live life to the fullest and make sure we don't sacrifice the people we love in the process. Every minute counts. Live it! This is the fourth installment in the Masonic Light collection of artworks by Juan 'One' SepĂșlveda. Available for purchase at

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Masonic Education: The Key to Unlocking Self-Improvement

When we join Freemasonry, most of us did it for the opportunity to improve ourselves. You have probably heard the claim made by some Masonic Organizations "We make good men better" and it is quite attractive, but one thing we insist in ignoring is, the word "Self" in Self-Improvement.Yes, Freemasonry contains lessons that have been passed from generation to generation, making Men around the world better. However, this improvement must begin from within; From a genuine desire to acquire new knowledge and the desire to help others in the process.What good is it to attend a Stated Meeting, and leave feeling exactly the same as when you walked in. Although fellowship before and after the meeting is irreplaceable, we can...

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Seeking the blessing of Deity

Today marks the beginning of a new journey for me, I am committed to begin a dialog regarding Masonic Education and personal development. But as we are taught early in our Masonic journey, as masons we should never begin any great undertaking, before seeking the blessing of our Creator. So here I am asking that God blesses my every step and guides me in achieving positive things through these writings. I hope to become deeply involved in the research, writing and sharing of Masonic education. No secrets will be revealed, but hopefully lessons can be unveiled with every step we take up the Winding Stairs. The Winding Stairs are meant to be a continuous journey to a higher place; a...

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