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TWS 59 The Lewis | The Father Son Legacy in Freemasonry

Watch Video  Listen Audio  The Lewis Jewel commemorates the long legacy of fathers and son who share a common bond with our Fraternity. Imagine having to lift and reposition hundreds or thousands of stones The Lewis is a tool used by operative masons to facilitate the lifting and positioning of heavy stones. It is a strong yet simple design that serves as the connection between the stone and a crane or pulley system. In speculative Masonry, the son of a Mason is referred to as a Lewis. In this episode of The Winding Stairs, lets explore the lewis jewel, the operative mason tool with the same name and what roles it plays in our fraternity today. Equipment used:Did you like...

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Meeting on the Level | Sitting at separate tables

Watch Video  Listen Audio  What does it mean to meet on the level? It means that regardless of your economic, social, or religious background when you meet with other Brothers, you are equals. As Freemasons, we are called to regard the entirety of the human race as One Family. Therefore, whether we are meeting at Lodge, or out in the world employing our usual vocations, we are to treat all members of the human race as if they were our own family. On this episode of The Winding Stairs. I will share with you some tips that will make this important lesson easier to follow.Equipment used:Did you like the quality of our video, here are some of the tools and...

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