Masonic Pin Display Apron (White)
Masonic Pin Display Apron (White)
Masonic Pin Display Apron (White)
Masonic Pin Display Apron (White)

Masonic Pin Display Apron (White)

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Masonic Pin Display Apron

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A Banner to Showcase Your Masonic Pins

It is no secret that Masons love their pins. So, whether you are just starting your Masonic journey or if you have been traveling for a while, you probably have a few pins laying around somewhere. Your pin collection tells a story; It reminds you of the fellowship you have shared with Brothers along your journey; It reminds you of where you have been and the milestones you have reached.

Don't let your Pin Collection sit in Darkness, Bring them to Light.

With our exclusive Pin Display Apron*. It is carefully constructed using materials you would be proud to display. The flap is made of genuine lambskin, similar to the one used in our regular Masonic Aprons. The body of the apron is constructed using a richly textured linen supported by a soft satin.

Now, instead of having a collection of pins in a box or in a drawer, you can proudly display your collection where it can remind you of all the life moments to which they were witness.

Do you have an extensive Pin Collection?

Don't worry, we have you covered. Measuring 13" x 15", our apron is as big as a regular apron, giving you room for your growing collection.

*Pictured with personal pin collection. Pins not included. 

(Skull and crossbones pin not included)

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