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Article: Are you more impatient with those whom you Love?

Are you more impatient with those whom you Love?

Take a second to think, who are the three closes people to you at work and at home? Now think, have you been more impatient with them than towards other people recently? Although it would make sense to treat those closest to us with more patience and tolerance, sometimes we extend more patience to others who are not as close to us.
A person's wisdom yields patience. This image has been of great help to me in my daily life. I have made it the background to the locked screen on my mobile phone. Reminding me to embrace patience and work to develop it.
I don't want to give the impression that I am this holy example of patience, nor do I want to give the impression that I am an abrasive and intolerant man. However, I recognize that although I am relatively patient, I certainly have room for improvement. Ideally, if you recognize that you also have room for improvement in this area, you also can focus your efforts into harnessing your patience. A tool that I have used exercise my patience is to make the image above available where I can easily see it. Every time my phone rings, and it usually is people whom are close to me, before I answer I have preemptively primed my mind to be patient. Soon I will be publishing more information about a detailed study I am conducting on Patience and those virtues that, when we exercise them, can help us become more patient and by consequence more pleasant towards others.

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