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Privacy Policy

The Winding Stairs Privacy Policy

Because we want to add value to your life, not subtract from it

At The Winding Stairs, we value and respect your privacy and we want to ensure that you, as our friend and customer,  are aware of what kind of information we collect, in which manner and for what purpose.

We Respect Your Privacy

How we collect information

We will only gather information which you voluntarily provide to us through email, comments or through any contact forms available within The Winding Stairs. We will not share this information with any other parties and will always use it responsibly.

Absolutely No Spam!

Our Occasional Contact

How we use collected Information

We will use the collected information to contact you for the reason you contacted us and if you have opted in to receive updates from our page, we will contact you periodically with pertinent information. We are committed to providing value to our community and to preserving the trust you have placed in us; Therefore, we will not fill your inbox with meaningless messages, nor will we contact you with any high-pressure sales tactics. We will make an effort to share updates with you, which we think you may enjoy and benefit from.

Our Social Media Responsibility

How we deal with Social Media Interactions

Social media sites like Facebook or Twitter allow us to stay in close contact with our friends and customers in a way never before possible. It allows us to know more about our customers for the purpose of providing what they need. It helps us know if what we share is relevant and helpful to your life and growth. Social Media interactions let us know if we are doing a good job or not. We may collect publicly shared comments through our social media sites for promotional purposes, but will respect your privacy by not sharing your identity in our promotions. We want to use social media as a tool for staying in touch with you, in a comfortable and casual way.

Your access to your information

It’s your Information, You are in control

If for whatever reason, you choose not to stay in touch with us, we will respect that decision. We will work very hard to make sure you stay in touch, but it is ultimately up to you. We will make opt-out requests options easily available and remove your information from our contact lists if you so choose. If you no longer want to receive valuable updates on our products, education, and content, simply email us or fill out the contact us form with the word “REMOVE” in it.


We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time and we will make that information available to you through this page.

Masonic Virtues

In every step of our Masonic journey, the timeless virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity serve as guiding lights. I am honored to present to you the "The Masonic Virtues" Collection, now available as stunning fine art reproductions.

These masterful recreations capture the essence of the original ink, chalk, and charcoal artworks, painstakingly crafted on the pages of a 100-year-old Freemasonry book. Each piece invites you to reflect on these foundational Masonic Virtues:

  • 📖 Faith
  • ⚓ Hope
  • 💝 Charity