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Article: Where is your Courage?

Where is your Courage?

The Winding Stairs Episode 5

The Winding Stairs Episode 5Where is your Courage?

Not everything in life comes easy to us. There are many things that are difficult and sometimes downright intimidating. When we face these things which intimidate us, our default reaction might be to avoid them and engage in other things. Although this might be a natural reaction or an instinctual response, it does not always serve its intended purpose. If we think about human evolution, we can understand that the spirit of self-preservation would have moved primitive humans to avoid overly dangerous or challenging situations. However, in today's world we retain that instinctive inclination to find the path of least resistance, even when that path would lead away from reaching our dreams and achieving those things we desire the most. What can we do to fight this urge to "survive"? and instead choose that path that will help us Live and thrive, not just survive? The secret is in finding courage. Courage to live a life that fulfills us and allows us to experience our dreams. This does not mean that we will be fearless; for fear is a natural reaction to uncertainty and danger. What being courageous means, is to decide to take action, not without fear, but in spite of it. Where is your Courage?

The 5 Places to look for Courage

As we go through life, we are bound to encounter situations, which can be difficult and discouraging. This fact is inevitable, but there are several things we can do to make sure we are encouraged and continue moving forward.

Five Steps to Courage

Look Behind: Retrospection

We often forget about past victories; Especially when we are facing a challenge. This is the time when we can draw much needed courage from remembering those past successes. Bringing these moments to the present is sure to re-energize us and remind us that we have already achieved great things. By looking behind at those past triumphs, we create a momentum, which can carry us further than we think possible. If your job requires sales or persuation, you will agree with the notion that a second sale is easier than the first. Sales coaches often advise sales people to capitalize on the momentum created by that initial sale. That momentum will increase the confidence in the sales person and help him create subsequent sales. Similarly, when we look back at previous moments of success, our confidence increases and motivate us to push through the obstacles and achieve our desired goal. There is a biblical example of this concept in action. When a young David was considering standing against the giant, he reached back in to the moments he had defended his flocks from the attacks of a Lion. This gave him the courage necessary to confront an enemy, who had been undefeated and presented an unprecedented threat to the Israelite.

Look Inside: Introspection

Introspection is crucial in the development of confidence and the increase of courage. When we analyze ourselves and try to identify those thoughts, which may be holding us back, then we can correct them and gain confidence. We first have to be aware the things within us, which might be discouraging us to pursue those things we want to do. Understanding the root of our fears allows us to find specific solutions to those fears, increasing our chances of executing those plans, which we on which we have been procrastinating. Is it fear of failure? Are we trying to avoid embarassment? Are we too worried about what other people might think? These are all good questions in the search for those reasons within us, which might be holding us down. With the same intensity, we should look inside ourselves for those qualities that will become handy if we embarq on our desired journey. If we familiarise ourselves with those qualities, which give us a good chance at being successful in our endeavour, then we will have a ready arsenal at our disposal to combat or counterbalance those things which might be preventing us from moving forward. You might think "Why would I have to look inside myself to know these hindering and enabling qualities? Shouldn't everyone already be familiar with themselves enough?" You would be surprised to know that sometimes, these emotions are not skin deep. Sometimes it is necessary for one to dig deep and carefuly monitor one's thoughts to uncover these hidden truths about our behavior.

Look Around: Circumspection

Who is around you? Are the necessary resources within reach?

Looking around you is another good way of finding Courage. Especially if you have been prudent enough to keep good company. The people who surround you, might increase your courage in several different ways. First, they might have lived through the experience you are about to face. Their insight will be invaluable to you, as it will help you avoid common pitfalls and give you a broader idea of what good things to expect. Sometimes our expectations are far from the reality, and these people in whom we place our trust, might help us nudge those expectations back into reality. I advise you to be careful not to take the precautions given by those who surround you as death sentences to your dream. Often times it is important to listen to the negative experiences of others to avoid repeating their mistakes; However, with this newly observed perspective, you might still continue forward after making the necessary adjustments and taking the necessary precautions. Another way to increase your courage from the people around you, is by sharing in the commitment to do something. If you share with others what your plans are, they might hold you accountable and help you stay on track to achieving your dream. Circumspection is a tool, which will enable you to have a better gauge on the situation, even before you take your first step in the direction of achieving your dreams. As an added bonus, your journey will not be one of isolation, but instead it will be a shared experience, which you can look back to with great fondness.

Look Ahead: Prospection or Foresight

When we have a good vision of where we want to be and what we want to do, then we can take measurable and achieavable steps to reach that vision. Having good foresight means spending enough time looking forward and figuring out what things you want to materialize into your life and which ones you rather avoid. This is similar to tracing your route before beginning your journey. As you progress in your travel, revisiting your vision or referring back to your initial road map is essential in ensuring that you continue to stay on track towards achieving your goals. Things are significantly less intimidating when you have envisioned them and the possible outcomes that might result out of your efforts. This vision can also help you in avoiding undesirable outcomes. Looking at the future options, you might be able to make better decisions today to avoid ending up in an undesirable place. Having an early and specific vision streamlines your actions to be a more efficient traveler.

Look Above: Connection

Finally Seeking courage in God and seeking a connection with his promises and guidance. Connecting to the promises and lessons of the scriptures can help you gain courage and move forward with your plans. By looking within the Holy Scriptures, you will find many instances where underestimated people, defied the odds and courageously faced danger and uncertainty. Often times, they used many of the steps laid out in these five steps. Specifically in the Holy Bible, there is an example that comes to mind where a natural leader faced doubt when facing uncertainty, but tried to connect to God's promises to successfully achieve that which was previously deemed impossible. The Man was Moses. He successfully led the Israelites through the uncertainties and difficulties of the dessert. He often times doubted his capabilities and second guessed his decisions. But he regained his courage and continued with his plan, whenever he turned to God and looked up. The powerful example of the story of Moses is that his vision, circumspection, introspection, retrospection and connection allowed him to achieve great things and inspire those around him in the process. I am certain that history and other Books of Sacred Law hold many stories like this one, where a person feels he has a calling or a duty to achieve something and in spite of his fear, he moves forward with courage. It is not necessary to remove all fear before proceeding. It is only necessary to be the one in command and control the fear, while pressing forward in our journey. I encourage you to think of that which you want to achieve, but have not found the courage to begin. I trust that if you look at this list of places to look for courage, you will be victorious in your endeavor Be courageous and take control of your fears, even if you can't fully remove them, but take action today and begin moving in the direction, which your heart is telling you to move. If you use these 5 steps to accomplish something in your life, Please be of inspiration to the many readers of this Blog and share your experience in the comments section. You might be the instrument of courage that will lead others into action.

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