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Article: Prudence; a Better Name for Common Sense

Prudence; a Better Name for Common Sense


I In my search for light, I have found why "common sense" is so rare am sure that you have heard the expression "common sense". I am also sure that by now you have probably noticed that there is nothing common about common sense.and why we should use the word "PRUDENCE" instead. Benjamin Franklin Quote About PrudenceI suggest we first look at prudence by exploring various definitions of the word. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, prudence is defined as:

1: the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason

2: sagacity or shrewdness in the management of affairs

3: skill and good judgment in the use of resources

4: caution or circumspection as to danger or risk

When looking carefully at the first definition, we encounter the words govern and discipline, in reference to oneself. In other words, prudence is a person’s ability to exercise self control in their decision making process. Through the use of reason, we are able to become better decision makers, especially when we are disciplined and controlled.
Prudence Definition Considering that we are recommended to study the seven liberal arts and science, when attempting to understand the different words used in the teachings of Freemasonry, we should look at various definitions and interpretations to solidify our understanding. Thereby employing Grammar and Logic to the research process.
I can’t help to think of government when I read the portion of the aforementioned definition which says “Govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason”. If we think of the non-political aspects of Governments, we can describe it as the development, implementation and revision of rules and regulations, with the intent of creating and preserving order in society. Likewise, when we govern ourselves, we should dedicate time to learn from our life experience and the lessons shared by others, to create rules and regulations to follow in order to implement and preserve an orderly life. In other words, you should look at the various scenarios you live through and attempt to develop your own set of rules on how to act in said circumstances. If you have these predetermined solutions to possible future conflicts, the probability of a satisfactory outcome when facing these hypothetical scenarios in real life, is increased.
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I compare this to the professional fighters of mixed martial arts, a multidisciplinary fighting style, who before entering the ring (or octagon) prepare for the fight by studying the various responses he is to implement when presented with specific sets of circumstances. A well rounded fighter would have enough experience in stand-up combat like kickboxing; enough experience in wrestling or judo to bring their opponent to the ground or resist being taken down and would have floor work experience like that provided by Jiu Jitsu. Each one of these examples of individual martial art styles have a vast number of moves for which their opponent needs to have a counter measure or defense. The greater the experience or knowledge in these various fighting disciplines, the better the chances the fighter has to at a moments notice, make the right moves to gain an advantage in the fight. This is the way we should look at Prudence. When we think of the possible scenarios we may face in life, or analyse those which we have already encountered, we can decide on what our reaction will be if we face those scenarios in the future. If this is the strategy we adopt, then by the time we enter the octagon of life and face our most feared contender, we have a fighting chance at a victory, because we have prepared ourselves and envisioned our possible offensive and defensive strategy.
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Question of the Day:

What are you going to do to be more prudent, or to help others be more prudent?

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