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Article: How solid is your foundation?

How solid is your foundation?

How solid is your foundation?

Although a beautiful sight to behold, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is not only an architectural failure, but it has been an engineering burden for many generations.

Freemasonry is rich with allegories that originate from the Operative Mason Guilds of antiquity. It effectively illustrates how the development of our Life can be compared to the erection of a building. The successful construction of a beautiful Temple is comprised of many components and the masterful coordination of those who labor in its construction. The Master Builder, who oversees the higher levels of the project, has a vision, which evolves from his original conceptual drawings, to the final designs communicated on his Trestle Board. The evolution of that design, the artful collaboration of the workers and the finished Temple are at the mercy of the elements through the ages. But there is one component of the building, upon which all the rest depend. 

"Strong Foundation" is an original oil painting created by artist Juan 'One' Sepulveda, to share some of the symbols related to the importance of preparing a strong foundation. To purchase a copy of this painting or to read more about its interpretation, click the image above or visit

The Mastery of the designer, the skill of the fellow workers, the enthusiasm and pride of the apprentices is in vain, if the building lacks a sufficiently strong and sturdy foundation upon where to grow. Similarly, if we do not take the necessary steps to have a solid foundation upon where to build our Temple, we risk it all collapsing into a pile of rubble.

Leaning Tower of Pisa by Juan Sepulveda

For centuries, millions of dollars and countless hours of work have gone into preserving this building because its foundation was not solid enough.

One of the most famous failures in the history of architecture, is that of The Tower of Pisa in Italy. Although it is a beautiful sight to behold, its builders did not analyze or prepare the foundation appropriately for the magnificent vision the Master Architect had conceived. The foundation of The Tower of Pisa, is not sufficiently sturdy and it yielded severely shortly after construction began, thereby jeopardizing the structural integrity of the building forever. When a building is plumb, its construction is solid and its foundation is sound, then a building has a better chance of remaining upright, despite inclement weather and time. Similarly, when an individual has a solid moral, physical and spiritual foundation, then he has a better opportunity to not only live, but thrive.

When a man is welcomed into Freemasonry, it is important that we do everything in our power to provide him with the guidance and support necessary to ensure that his foundation is sound. Instead of rushing a man through the education of the Entered Apprentice Degree, to expeditiously progress him through to become a Fellow of the Craft, we ought to ensure that he is receiving the adequate education pertaining to this degree. It is not merely providing education, but as mentors, we should make sure that the lessons of Freemasonry are applied to his life, if we expect him to be an active contributor to the perpetuity of the lessons in our gentle Craft. Just like the architectural inadequacies of the construction of the tower of Pisa pose a burden on modern architects and engineers, the inadequate foundation of a Mason, will create unnecessary strains in his progress to Light. If we are diligent in providing Light and support to the newly initiated Masons, we will help in the creation of an upright Man and Mason for society and not a leaning, un-virtuous edifice for others to worry about for generations to come. Question of the day?

What things can a man do to establish a solid foundation, upon which to build the rest of his life?
Please share your thoughts below and help us continue to grow with your personal insight.

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