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Article: A Solid Foundation: What makes a man a good fit to become a Mason?

A Solid Foundation: What makes a man a good fit to become a Mason?

The Winding Stairs Podcast: Episode 3

What makes a man a good fit to become a Mason?

In the construction of a building, the stability and suitability of the foundation is crucial in its longevity; Similarly, the moral, social and spiritual upbringing of a man can be described as his foundation and what makes him suitable to become and remain a Freemason.
Strong Foundation Details from the painting titled "Strong Foundation". Original oil painting on canvas by artist Juan 'ONE' Sepulveda.

Masonic Education Revisited

In episode 2 of The Winding Stairs ( we discuss various ways in which a man can acquire Masonic Light. Among them we discuss the continuous study of Masonic Literature, which today has become more accessible than ever, due to advances in technology like Google Books or LibriVox. These two valuable resources gives us access to countless publications related to our Fraternity.

When do you spend time reading and studying?

We posted a question on our Facebook page, regarding what time of day our listeners chose to read and study. One of the answers was that early in the morning before beginning the workday. I really enjoyed that answer because it relates to the topic of a solid foundation. I think about beginning the day by reading edifying content as the laying of a solid foundation upon which a productive day is erected. I encourage you to try it and welcome any suggestions you might have about how to start your day right or what is the ideal time for you to study. Enter your comments below or on our Facebook Page and adding your contributions there.

A Solid Foundation:

Is your temple resting upon the stability of a solid foundation?

Strong Foundation Painting by Artist Juan 'One' Sepulveda "Strong Foundation" is an original oil painting created by artist Juan 'One' Sepulveda, to share some of the symbols related to the importance of preparing a strong foundation. Click Here to learn more about the interpretation of this work of art.

Like an architect ensures that the ground upon which the envisioned building will be constructed, as Masons we are responsible to ensure that those who knock on our Lodge's doors are given access to our family, only if they are found to posses a solid foundation.

On our discussion of a Solid Foundation on the previous blog post, we talk about the

Leaning tower photograph For centuries, millions of dollars and countless hours of work have gone into preserving this building because its foundation was not solid enough.

example of the Tower of Pisa in Italy, which although it was a beautiful creation, those in charge of its construction did not prepare the ground adequately for a building of its magnitude. We admire the beauty of this building and the marvel of architecture and engineering that its preservation has become. However, countless hours and talent has been poured into preventing a catastrophe and maintaining the integrity of the building and it is a burden that could have been avoided from its inception.

(we recommend that you also read the post titled "A Solid Foundation", which includes more information about the allegorical similarities between The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the importance of a solid foundation within those interested in freemasonry.)

It would be wise for Lodge members, when given the opportunity to serve their Lodges as members of the petitions or investigative committees to make sure that only those men who are worthy and well qualified are given admittance to our honorable fraternity. Not to heed this advise could result in the Lodge incurring in unnecessary time and effort to revert the mistake made initially We are the stewards and guardians of this Brotherhood and if we give admittance to people whose intention is not honorable, we jeopardize the future of our Lodges and the harmony within it.

5 Simple Requirements for a Man interested in joining Freemasonry

1. Honorable Man: Freemasonry opens its doors to men of honor. To good men, of good character and high morals. 2. Lawful Age: This requirement varies between States, but normally fluctuates between 18 and 21 years of age. If you are younger than this, there are Masonic Youth organizations like DeMolay International, which works closely with local Masonic Lodges. 3. Well Recommended: For a candidate to gain admittance to the Order, he must enjoy a good reputation and have other Freemasons willing to recommend him. But, what if you don't know any Masons? If you contact your local Lodge and are invited to visit them, you will introduce yourself to current members of the Fraternity, who could potentially recommend you once they get to know you. 4. A Belief in God: In order to become a Freemason, you must have a belief in Deity. Freemasonry does not favor any individual religion, but the candidate must have a belief in God. There are many reasons for this, which I will explore and discuss in upcoming programs. Stay connected. 5. A Desire to Improve: The individual knocking at the door of the Lodge, must posses a spirit of self-improvement. A innate desire to improve himself and contribute to the growth of those around him. We will be providing more information regarding how to join Freemasonry and will be making some resources available to help potential candidates in their search for Light. If you want to stay informed of new resources available on The Winding Stairs, then please enter your name and email in the form available on the sidebar of the page.

Question of the week:

What is the most important thing a man do to establish a solid foundation, upon which to build the rest of his life?

You can answer the question in the comments section below or by connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter. Thank you for your enormous support.

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