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Learn about Freemasonry while you drive

The Winding Stairs Podcast allows you to listen to Masonic Topics, while on the go. Learn about the history of Freemasonry, Masonic News or topics related to Self Improvement. We are truly fortunate to live in the era that we do. We virtually have access to the world's knowledge, in the palm of our hands. With the accessibility offered by smart phones, tablets and computers, we can learn about various topics or enjoy our favorite music while doing other things. Imagine being able to learn about what is happening in the world of Freemasonry, while you are doing other tasks around the house... or perhaps you have the healthy habit of taking an afternoon stroll or jogging in the morning....

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TWS 001 : How does a Mason become more patient? Flagship Episode: Patience

We are very excited to introduce a new source of Light within The Winding Stairs. A program dedicated to the study of the history of Freemasonry, Masonic News and the Art of Self Improvement. Hosted by Juan ONE Sepulveda Thank you for joining me in this program. The Winding Stairs Podcast is intended to be a documentation of a journey, which we can enjoy together. This journey is one of discovery and growth. Who Am I? I am a professional artist and Master Mason, who is very interested in the history of Freemasonry and the application of its tenets for self improvements. What qualifies me to create a program about Freemasonry? Although I began my Masonic Career rather recently (2009)...

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Are you thankful for the inconvenience of a full fridge?

Have you ever tried to find something in your refrigerator and suddenly became frustrated when you cannot find it because it is so full? Is it possible that we try to find something amidst the chaos of a surplus of sustenance and become frustrated? "Trade your attitude for gratitude" -Juan Next time this happens, take a few seconds to thank The Creator for your abundance and trade your attitude for gratitude.

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Are you more impatient with those whom you Love?

Take a second to think, who are the three closes people to you at work and at home? Now think, have you been more impatient with them than towards other people recently? Although it would make sense to treat those closest to us with more patience and tolerance, sometimes we extend more patience to others who are not as close to us. This image has been of great help to me in my daily life. I have made it the background to the locked screen on my mobile phone. Reminding me to embrace patience and work to develop it. I don't want to give the impression that I am this holy example of patience, nor do I want to give...

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Be Patient With Yourself

Patience should extend, not only outwards, but inwards. In your effort to become a more patient Man, remember that you will always be a work in progress and that, in addition to being patient with others, you must be patient with yourself. Embrace every day with zeal and determination, but remember that progress is usually made in steady increments and not in drastic attempts.

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