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Article: Honorable Men: The Model Behavior of a Freemason:. Freemasonry Tenets

Honorable Men: The Model Behavior of a Freemason:. Freemasonry Tenets

Honorable Men: The Model Behavior of a Freemason:. Freemasonry Tenets

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We are Honorable Men and should always act as such. Being an honorable man and behaving honorably are qualities that should set every Man and Mason apart. As members of the Most Honorable fraternity in the world, we are called to lead exemplary lives, which model the virtuous tenets inculcated in Freemasonry.

Our Masonic Duty calls us to work daily in improving ourselves and become a better fit to the improvement of society. Join us as we explore a few ways in which we can lead by example and live a life worthy of a Master Mason. We are not perfect, but the acknowledgement of those imperfections are the first steps in becoming a better version of ourselves. Have you been witness to behaviors unbecoming of Masons?

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