Point within a Circle | Don't be a CircumPunk

Broad overview of the symbols and practice of keeping passions within due bounds

The point within a circle, also referred to as the Circumpunct, is used in Freemasonry as a reminder to keep our passions within due bounds. The CircumPunk is none other than that Brother who neglects the lessons of the compasses and allows their imprudence to know no bounds.

I believe that Freemasonry has benefited greatly from the connectivity that the Internet has provided. Today, curious people from around the globe, who once only heard sporadically about this organization, can do a little research and even find a Lodge nearby for them to approach. However, the connectivity of the internet hasn’t only brought positive things to the fraternity, it has also served as a fertile ground for a mischievous creature I like to call… The CircumPunk.

In this episode learn how to avoid CircumPunks and how to not become one yourself.

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