Masonic Ghost Stories | Bro. Walter Schroeder, The Ghost of the Retlaw Hotel

It's prudent to remember that our time on this Earth is finite. That we ought to be diligent in improving ourselves in order to contribute to the life of those who surround us. Today I introduce you to Bro. Walter Schroeder, a man who decades after his death is giving people something to talk about.

On this episode of The Winding Stairs Freemasonry Podcast, I share a portion of the life of Bro. Walter, a Businessman, Civic Leader, Philanthropist, Freemason and… Ghost? Yes, you read that right... Ghost! Some people believe that Walter still visits some of the buildings that are part of his Legacy. Mainly, the Retlaw Plaza Hotel in Fond Du Lac, WI. There are claims that when you visit the Retlaw Plaza Hotel, you have a good chance of experiencing the supernatural. Is there a Ghost haunting the Retlaw Hotel? On this special episode, you will gain a better understanding about who Walter Schroeder was and will hear the stories being told of his restless spirit.  

Links Mentioned in this episode:  Retlaw Plaza Hotel, Fond Du Lac, WI Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center | The Schroeder Lounge Walter Schroeder YMCA  Aquatic Center.

What are your thoughts on this story? Do you think that these type of paranormal events are possible? Have you experienced something you can't explain? Let us know in the comment section below. Thank you for participating.

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May your steps be firm and your path illuminated, as we continue our journey up the winding stairs.

Juan Sepulveda