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Masonic Virtues

In every step of our Masonic journey, the timeless virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity serve as guiding lights. I am honored to present to you the "The Masonic Virtues" Collection, now available as stunning fine art reproductions.

These masterful recreations capture the essence of the original ink, chalk, and charcoal drawings, carefully crafted on the pages of a 100-year-old Freemasonry book. Each piece invites you to reflect on these fundamental virtues:

📖 Faith: Embodying trust and spiritual vision.
Hope: A symbol of optimism and future possibilities.
💝 Charity: Portraying boundless love and universal kindness.

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Why add them to your collection?

🖼️Authenticity: Captures the emotional and symbolic depth of the original pieces.

📜Legacy: Invokes the historical significance embedded in each Masonic virtue.

💡Inspiration: Enrich your home , office, or lodge with works that resonate with your values and can inspire your visitors.

Imagine these in your Lodge

Searching for an impactful and meaningful gift for your Lodge? "The Masonic Virtues" Collection can be the catalyst for conversation with your Lodge's visitors, candidates, and members.

Enhance your lodge's decor

Available Framed or Unframed

Save time and money when you order this collection ready to hang. Choose from our Black frame option or order them unframed and select a frame style that suits your environment.