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Article: The symbol of the hourglass in Freemasonry

The symbol of the hourglass in Freemasonry

The symbol of the hourglass in Freemasonry

The hourglass is a powerful symbol in Freemasonry, representing the fleeting nature of time and the importance of living a productive and meaningful life.

The hourglass is often depicted with its sand running out, reminding us that our time on earth is limited and that we must make the most of it. It serves as a reminder to be mindful of how we spend our time and to use it wisely, rather than squandering it on unimportant or frivolous endeavors.

Freemasonry encourages its members to lead industrious lives, focused on self-improvement and on working towards the betterment of society. Albert Pike, a prominent figure in Freemasonry, wrote that "Time is the grand master of all things, and its power is sufficient to produce and accomplish all things." This quote emphasizes the importance of using our time wisely, as it has the power to shape our lives and the world around us.

In today's fast-paced society, it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life and lose sight of the value of our time. However, it is crucial that we take the time to reflect on how we are using our time and to make sure that we are using it in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling.

Today, as the sands of time run slowly through the hourglass, let's take some time to reflect on how prudent we are being with the use of this precious resource. Let us take this lesson to heart and be mindful of our use of time, as it has the power to shape our lives and the world around us.

Light of Time artwork by Juan Sepulveda

The masonic artwork above is titled "Light of Time" and features the hourglass symbol. To add it to your collection visit 


Bro: Juan Sepulveda is a professional artist and award-winning public speaker, whose main topics of interest include the practical application of the teachings of Freemasonry and the development of men into gentlemen. Bro: Sepulveda is the host of The Winding Stairs Freemasonry Podcast and Co-founder of The Masonic Roundtable. He is a member of Orange Blossom Lodge No. 80 in Kissimmee, Florida and Tranquility Lodge No. 2000 in Waco, Texas. Member of The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, S.J. Orient of Florida, Valley of Orlando. Eureka Chapter No. 7 R.A.M., Orlando Council No. 5 R.&S.M., Olivet Commandery No. 7 K.T., and Member of the Florida College of S.R.I.C.F.


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