Freemasonry in Hollywood: Interview with Executive Producer of The Freemason Movie

The Freemason Movie

Have you ever watched a movie where your see someone wearing a Masonic ring? Or in the background you see some symbols related to Freemasonry? On this episode we speak with Joseph James, he is an actor, writer and producer, who happens to also be a Freemason. His last three films center around the subject of Freemasonry, its history and its influence in modern society. We talk about what took him to Hollywood, his experience in Freemasonry, the importance of mentorship and apprenticeship among many other things. This is part 1 of a 2 part interview with a prolific entrepreneur, who will surely inspire you to reach out for your dreams, regardless of how impossible they might seem.How a Fellow Freemason, brought Freemasonry to the Big Screen

I enjoyed my interview with Brother Joseph James and I think you will too, because in addition to shedding light on his films and Freemasonry's influence in it, we also discuss parallels between the film industry and Freemasonry. We talk about his earliest memories of the big screen and how early (or late) in his life he began exploring the idea of getting into the film business.

I was inspired by his story of how he rented a 26 feet U Haul truck and took his family to Tinsel-Town in search of a dream.

You can learn more about The Freemason Movie by visiting its website , visit Joseph James Pages on Facebook and Follow him on Twitter @JosephJamesNews

Here is the official preview of the movie.

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