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Why we meet

When was the last time that you went to Lodge? Why should we even meet after receiving the Degrees? Here is an eloquent explanation of the importance of attending Lodge meetings and making yourself available to your Brothers. The following paper was created for a live presentation in Lodge by Bro:. Matthew J. Taheri of Paumanok Port Washington Lodge No. 855 F. & A.M., New York. My Brothers, This weeks paper relates to something many of us have thought about frequently. Why do we meet in Lodge, even after we have received the Degrees. While there are many reasons, I think that the simplest is truly the most important. We often use the allegory of building our temple, from the...

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Charity: The Greatest Virtue

One of the most recent topics we've been discussing together within the Masonic Fundraiser sites has been the topic of Charity. It being known to us as one of the Seven Cardinal Virtues which throughout centuries have been part of every Mason’s life, it is of particular interest to me to explore some of the ways in which I could employ it in a practical way throughout my life. If we were playing a word association game, the first word that comes to my mind when I hear Charity is the word Love. This comes from one of the Sacred texts that we as Masons hold dear and I personally spend a lot of time reading, as it is the...

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Return to the Tracing Board

There is a Blueprint to Becoming a Better Man. One of the means by which Freemasonry helps men become better is by helping them recognize that through labor they can achieve the things they desire in life. It helps them achieve great things for themselves, their families, their community and the world. However, it is important to recognize that those goals are achieved only through hard labor, of course, but also through carefully measured improvement. The Master builder traces his plans on the tracing board for his workers to ensure a unity of effort; a shared vision and ultimately the successful execution of that vision. Similarly, as Masons, we should be compelled to follow the lessons, which have been traced...

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TWS 009 Is Reading a Waste of Time?

5 Reasons why reading is not a waste of time Have you ever thought about reading a book and instead chosen to work on something else? or Have you ever felt the desire to just lay back on your favorite couch with a book on your hands, but changed your mind after thinking that it would be a waste of time? Think again! On this episode I want to share with you, 5 reasons Why reading daily is not a waste of time. Reason #1 Reading Reduces Stress. We are used to a fast paced lifestyle with many different things trying to get our attention. It is a healthy practice to take a few minutes or hours in a day...

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TWS 008 Improving your Masonic Education Experience

5 Simple Tips to help improve your Masonic Education Experience As you already know, the stability of a building is dependent on the strength of its foundation. Similarly, the educational foundation of every newly-initiated Mason is equally as important to their growth and progression through life. I have seen many Brothers who, soon after being accommodated in the North East corner of the Lodge, are anxious to rush through the Degrees of Craft Masonry. They are anxious to get through their memory work, to quickly get started learning what the York Rite, the Scottish Rite or any other Appendant Body of Freemasonry has to offer. Unfortunately, not all Brothers have the privilege of discovering the many levels of education within...

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