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Article: One man can change Freemasonry | Conversation with Chris Hodapp

One man can change Freemasonry | Conversation with Chris Hodapp

One man can change Freemasonry | Conversation with Chris Hodapp

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One man can change Freemasonry by standing up and doing the right thing. In 2019, I attended Masonic Con at Ezekiel Bates Lodge in Attleboro Massachusetts. I was invited by the producers of the Masonic Documentary "Roadmap to Freemasonry". During my visit, I had an opportunity to sit and interview a few Brothers who shared great insights about their experience with Freemasonry. In this episode, I sit with Bro. Chris Hodapp, author of the book "Freemasons for Dummies" ( *). We discuss how he became interested in the Fraternity, the power that every Mason has to change his Lodge for the better, and what every Mason should do to have a more fulfilled experience in Freemasonry.

To learn more about Bro∴ Chris Hodapp, Masonic News, and his books, please visit:

A special thanks to Bro∴ Chris Hodapp for sharing some of his time and wisdom with us. *Affiliate Disclaimer: Please note that your purchase of this book using my special link will result in a small compensation to The Winding Stairs. Please know that this link will not affect the price you pay, but rather helps us continue our efforts to provide high-quality content through our channel. Thank you.

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Key Lights: Neewer NL660 Neewer Bi-Color LED Video Light and Stand Kit with Battery and Charger-660 LED with U Bracket and Barndoor(3200-5600K, CRI 96+), 3-6.5 Feet Adjustable Light Stand for Studio, YouTube Shooting (2 pack)
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