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TWS 014 New Year Revolution: Rethinking The New Year's Resolutions.

Imagine traveling through space at 67,000 miles per hour. That is how fast this pale blue dot is traveling through space, making its yearly orbit around the sun. We all get very excited about the end of one year and the beginning of another. But, do we ever stop to think what this really means? It is very likely that you, along with millions of people around the world, have considered which things you can change in your life this upcoming year. In this episode of The Winding Stairs, we discuss the relationship between the "REVOLUTION" of Planet Earth around the Sun and our "Resolve" to improve our life. Are New Year Resolutions really worth it? If you make some,...

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TWS 013 Freemasonry in Hollywood: Part 2

We have seen Freemasonry portrayed in film before, in movies like National Treasure and Dan Brown's Angels & Demons. But now, a new film by a fellow Freemason brings freemasonry to the spotlight in an exciting suspense film called The Freemason. This is part 2 of a 2 part interview (part 1) with a prolific entrepreneur, who will surely inspire you to reach out for your dreams, regardless of how impossible they might seem.We continue our conversation with the executive producer of The Freemason Movie. In this portion of the interview, we talk more in depth about the three films that Joseph James has created in the relatively short, yet prolific filmmaking career. You will listen to Bro. James' experience...

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TWS 012 | Freemasonry in Hollywood: Interview with Executive Producer of The Freemason Movie

Have you ever watched a movie where your see someone wearing a Masonic ring? Or in the background you see some symbols related to Freemasonry? On this episode we speak with Joseph James, he is an actor, writer and producer, who happens to also be a Freemason. His last three films center around the subject of Freemasonry, its history and its influence in modern society. We talk about what took him to Hollywood, his experience in Freemasonry, the importance of mentorship and apprenticeship among many other things. This is part 1 of a 2 part interview with a prolific entrepreneur, who will surely inspire you to reach out for your dreams, regardless of how impossible they might seem.How a Fellow...

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TWS 011 What can you do when facing the Storm? Simply S.T.A.R.T.

You probably already know that life is comprised of a series of ups and downs; Twists and turns which end up testing us to the core. Hopefully, in our formative years, we were able to establish a solid foundation upon which to continue constructing the building that will ultimately be our life's biggest achievement. Even if we were fortunate enough to be standing upon a solid foundation, the solidity and stability of that foundation is bound to be tested from time to time. For some, a challenging situation could present itself in the form of a medical diagnosis, the loss of a loved one, a sudden financial burden or a host of other reasons. Regardless of what this traumatic situation...

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From Total Darkness to Light - TWS010

Imagine losing 100% of your eye sight in the blink of an eye. How would that change your attitude towards life and the life of those who surround you.? On this episode of The Winding Stairs Masonic Podcast, we sit down with a best-selling author, public speaker and extraordinary Brother, who can answer these questions from a first person perspective. In this interview Marcus Engel talks to us about his journey in life and how he has made the best out of the horrible experience that almost took his life. In this interview we learn about: The importance of a Story and how it can help people change the way they look at life. How being present and helping others...

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